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Goalball Award Ceremony

December 3

Second LTT in the UK

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Our First Transnational Meeting

We implemented our first transnational meeting in Worcester, the UK.

This project is based on a strategic partnership in the field of education and training; and it brings positive and long-lasting effects on the participating organizations. Depending on our objectives, we would like to implement joint initiatives promoting cooperation and exchange of experiences.

Although there are visually impaired students at regular secondary schools, they are usually neglected, ignored or left all alone in class. The number of visually impaired people in the world is known to be 285 million (World Health Organization, 2012), and according to the statistics presented by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK, 2010) in 2010, 280.014 disabled people, 8.4% of whom were visually impaired live in the country. It is stated in the researches that 36.33 % of the disabled people in Turkey cannot read or write. 2.24 % of the disabled students can find a chance to go to university.