About the Project

Aim of the Project:

  • To increase the quality of education that the students with visual impairment at our school are exposed to during the whole academic year.
  • To provide sufficient and efficient technical support for these students.
  • To be a pioneer name among other high schools with blind students in our country, thus reaching a position to help the government develop politics regarding blind education. 


Erasmus+ Key Action 2- KA201 (Why do we prefer to start a KA2 Project?)

This key action is based on a strategic partnership in the field of education and training; and it brings positive and long-lasting effects on the participating organizations. Depending on our objectives, we would like to implement joint initiatives promoting cooperation and exchange of experiences.

As one of the well-known blind education centres, you can share your ideas, methods and good practices with our teachers from different branches and guide us to increase our capacity to provide a well-designed inclusive education for our students with visual impairment.

However, we need more than teacher training. At the same time, we would like to learn how to adapt and modify our educational setting with respect to the needs of blind students and how to make use of technical tools and resources in print, audio or tactile formats. In order to transfer all required devices and materials to our school, we need to be given a grant which could be requested in the KA2 application form.

Also, in line with Europe 2020 Strategic Plan, we aim to stress the importance of attention for the educational needs of the students with visual impairment as a disadvantaged group throughout our country and to better support their competitiveness and future employment. Thus, with the help of reinforced cooperation with the blind education centers from other countries (at least two European partners are needed) and the increased allocation of financial resources, we would like to develop our politics in this specific field and increase our capacity and professionalism at the national level.


Transnational Meetings:

A transnational meeting in the beginning of the project will be held in Turkey. Via this meeting, the professionals coming from blind education centers will be able to observe the blind educational system in our country and become aware of the lacking; and also all participating organizations can have a chance to go over the design and planned activities of our project. (At the final phase, there could be also another transnational meeting in our country to see how much our school will improve itself in terms of blind education)


Activities to be carried out in your country:

  • Teachers from different branches will attend a course or a workshop about how to educate blind or partially-impaired students. (We may also ask for one or more professionals to visit our school and arrange a workshop for our teachers.)
  • The same teachers will visit some schools or organizations to get some ideas about the system used in blind education.
  • The participant teachers will learn which technical equipment is appropriate for blind students and how to get the most benefit from them during their lectures.
  • As we aim to develop politics regarding blind education for not only blind education centres but also for other schools where there are some visually impaired students in Turkey, we would like you to share your experiences with us.
  • Apart from academic issues, we are also curious about the social activities implemented in your organization in which blind students can take part.


Outputs, Multiplier Events and Dissemination Activities

As we think that we are not professional enough in terms of blind education, and thus, we aim to coordinate a strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices, we will not be expected to produce an intellectual output; on the contrary, we will be expected to transfer the well-functioning blind educational system in our partner countries to our own country. For that reason, at the end of the project, our school and our curricula will be adapted to be in line with what we will have learned throughout our flows and we, as teachers, will start to use appropriate teaching methods and techniques for our students with visual impairment.

In terms of multiplier events and dissemination activities, we, as project staff, will organize workshops for other teachers in İstanbul who need to take this training to be efficient enough for their blind students and we will prepare web information, brochures and leaflets to arouse awareness on this issue.


Expected Outcomes:

  • The nature of education given to our blind students will be improved.
  • Teachers will become more efficient in terms of teaching methods and techniques.
  • Blind students will be satisfied with the equality of opportunity provided for them by schools. As a result, the number of blind students getting education in our country will rise eventually.



As the applicant school, we will apply to our National Agency on behalf of all of the participating organizations involved in the project and we will ask for the grant which is required to meet the project needs. If the project is approved, all of the allocated grant will be divided and shared among participants by us, as the coordinator, according to the rules given on the following page (as stated in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide).